Chris Lengquist 2020

Republican Candidate for Kansas State Senate District 23

Why Mental Health is Important to Me

Mental Health, Foster Care, Adoption

If you would like to learn why all these subjects matter to me and why I'm looking to make a difference in Kansas, I'd invite you over to Glitches and Smiles.  

At Glitches and Smiles you will find the story of The Day I Met Emma, and how that changed me. You will see what it is like to watch someone you love descend into the hell of Borderline Personality Disorder.  You will see love of a father for a child, adopted or otherwise.

I have led a blessed life.  I've had challenges and success. I met my life partner at only 19 years old.  I have two biological children, two adopted children and two grandchildren. I've known what it is like to be bankrupt and I've know what it is like to have more than I deserve. 

And I've learned how I can help to Build a Better Kansas.  Please, join me. Before it's too late for someone you love.


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It's going be a lot of work and a lot of fun to ELECT CHRIS LENGQUIST for Kansas State Senator in Kansas' 23rd District. Join Chris on this journey as he shares his thoughts, feelings and stories throughout this campaign.